my sun becomes your moon



Today there was a snow storm

I remember how we used to talk about the beauty of winter

This cold season began with you by my side

Now you’re gone

It’s Valentine’s Day

Nothing seems different

Same roses

Same smiles

Same rosy cheeks

Same love letters

Same warm hugs

But somehow 

It all feels unreal to me

How you left this world 

But that life goes on

How I can’t go on

How I don’t want to go on

I wanna talk to you

You’re not here with me

I need you here with me

I miss you



This song is for you , my best friend , my angel. 

I feel you everywhere with me. I know you’re not far. 

 You left this world but not my heart , where you will forever remain.

Our Song.

Rest in peace ,

I will never forget you.

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